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Back to Basics: Support App Updates & More

In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest features and enhancements to streamline your workflow. So, we are going to take it back to basics. In this blog article, we’ll dive into exciting changes and improvements to My365’s offerings, exploring the new features and updates that are set to make your Microsoft 365 experience even better.

Let’s dive in!

My Bookings: Meeting Made Easier

One of the standout features in My365’s latest updates is the My Bookings enhancements. Now, joining Teams meetings, sharing meeting URLs, and identifying Teams Meetings in Bookings have never been easier. This change not only simplifies the scheduling process but also makes collaboration smoother than ever before. Here’s a closer look at the improvements:

1. Joining Teams Meetings

You can now join Teams meetings, copy the meeting URL to share with someone else, and see a Teams icon indicator on Bookings that include a Teams Meeting!​

2. Baseline Builder

You can now book a Baseline Builder Review session directly from existing Baseline Builder tickets​.

3. Booking Stats

There is now an updated UI for your booking stats.

Schedule Tenant Assessments with a My365 Specialist

For My365 Partners and Microsoft 365 users, the importance of Tenant Assessments cannot be overstated. To streamline this process, My365 has now incorporated Tenant Assessments into the Tenant Pathway, a recommended practice for deploying Microsoft 365 to customers. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tenant Pathway Integration

Tenant Assessments are now seamlessly integrated into the Tenant Pathway process. This ensures that all My365 Partners can efficiently follow best practices when deploying Microsoft 365 for their customers.

2. Easy Access

If you’ve already onboarded tenants and wish to schedule a Tenant Assessment, you can do so directly from the “My Tenants” page. Simply search for your tenant, and then select the “Tenant Assessment” orange button to schedule the booking. This streamlines the process and ensures that your assessments are conducted efficiently.

Authentication Methods for Entra ID Guide

My365’s commitment to enhancing the user experience doesn’t stop with meetings and assessments. The introduction of the “Authentication Methods for Entra ID” guide is another noteworthy addition. Designed for MSPs, this resource is meant to promote multi-factor authentication (MFA) adoption within tenants. Here’s what’s included:

1. Modern Authentication Adoption

The guide is available on the “Modern Authentication Adoption resources for end-users” page, which is tailored for MSPs looking to promote MFA adoption within their tenants.

2. Explore Bot Development

My365 now offers a discovery service for those interested in building their own Monty-type bot or Copilot AI bot. This service can be booked through the “Support by Topic” page, opening the door to endless possibilities in bot development.

3. Custom Bot Implementation

Should you decide to proceed with the design and implementation of your custom bot, My365 will provide billing at a discounted rate based on your plan level, making this venture not only exciting but cost-effective too.

Certified with My365: Elevate Your Team

Finally, My365 is rolling out the “Certified with My365” program at the end of November. This program is accessible to both Learn and Plus subscribers and offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to bring your team to certification standards. As a Master Cloud Solutions Partner, this certification is a testament to your commitment to excellence.

A Brighter Tech Future

My365 is constantly dedicated to improving the user experience and providing valuable tools and resources for their users and partners. These updates aim to simplify your daily operations, enhance collaboration, and drive your business forward. Stay tuned for these exciting changes, and make sure to take full advantage of these new features as they roll out. My365 is committed to helping you make the most of Microsoft 365 and ensuring you stay ahead in the world of technology.

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