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The new Microsoft Teams app is here!

The new Microsoft Teams app is here: Everything you need to know. 

We have some exciting news to share with you! Microsoft has just announced the general availability of the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac, including education customers. This means you can now enjoy a faster, more reliable, and more feature-rich Teams experience on your devices. Whether you use Teams for work, school, or personal communication, the new Teams app will help you stay connected and productive.

What’s new in the new Teams app? 

The new Teams app is based on modern architecture that improves performance and efficiency. Compared to the classic Teams app, the new Teams app is up to two times faster while using 50% less memory. It also has full feature parity for almost all features that you use and love in Teams, such as custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7×7 video, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search in chats and channels, cross-post a channel conversation, and more. 

One of the most exciting features of the new Teams app is the support for multi-tenant organizations (MTO) and multi-tenant, multi-account (MTMA), which enable seamless cross-tenant communication and collaboration beyond organizational boundaries across multiple tenants and multiple accounts. This means you can easily switch between different Teams accounts and organizations without having to sign out and sign in again. You can also chat and call anyone in any tenant or account without leaving your current Teams app. 

How can you get the new Teams app? 

Upgrading to the new Teams app is quick and seamless – no migration is required! If you are using the classic Teams app on Windows 10 or Mac devices, you will see a toggle in the upper-left corner of the app that says, “Try the new Teams”. Simply flip the toggle and you will be switched to the new Teams app. You can also switch back to the classic Teams app anytime by flipping the toggle again. 

If you are using Windows 11 devices, you will see a banner in the classic Teams app that says, “Try Microsoft Teams”. Clicking on the banner will take you to the Microsoft Store where you can download and install the new Teams app. You can also find the new Teams app in the Microsoft Store by searching for “Microsoft Teams”. 

Note: The name of the classic Teams app will be changed to Microsoft Teams classic for Windows 10 and Mac devices, and Microsoft Teams classic (work or school) for Windows 11 devices. 

For our enterprise customers, Microsoft has also provided some rollout controls and guidance on how to deploy the new Teams app in your organization. You can read more about them on this page and this blog. 

What about VDI and government cloud customers? 

If you are using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or government cloud services (GCC and GCC-High), we have good news for you too. Microsoft has started rolling out the new Teams app to public preview for these customers as well. You can expect to see the same performance and feature improvements as other customers once you get access to the new Teams app. 

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new Teams app. We believe it will enhance your Teams experience and help you achieve more with less hassle. If you have any questions or feedback about the new Teams app, please feel free to contact us at Netlogic Computer Consulting. We are always happy to hear from you and assist you with your IT needs. 

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