Introducing The New Microsoft Teams Application! 🥳

Microsoft Teams Upgrade:

The new Microsoft Teams app is now in preview for Windows users, offering a faster, simpler, and more flexible experience. The new Teams app is built on a foundation of speed, performance, and flexibility, to help users save time and work together more efficiently. It also supports users that collaborate across organizations and manage multiple work or school accounts. The new Teams app has been optimized for more efficient use of system resources, using up to 50% less memory. It also enables users to switch between different chats, channels, and activities instantly, without waiting for content to load. 

Increased Speed:

The new Teams desktop app for Windows is being rolled out as a preview version. It has been reimagined from the ground up to provide a faster, simpler, and more flexible experience.  

The new Teams app launches up to 2X faster and enables you to join meetings up to 2X faster. It has been optimized for more efficient use of system resources, using up to 50% less memory.  

The new Teams also ensures simplified IT management and enhanced data security. The user interactions that occur most frequently have been prioritized, including switching between different chats, channels, and activities.  

On average, a typical user switches ten thousand times per month, emphasizing the importance of a faster and more responsive experience. With new Teams, switching between chats, channels, and activities will be instant, without having to wait for content to load.  

New Teams has been optimized for resource utilization to free up memory and disk space for other applications and provide compatibility with a broader range of computers. You can collaborate more effectively across organizational boundaries by being actively signed into multiple accounts at the same time and receiving real-time notifications no matter which one is currently in use. 

Additional IT Support Tools and Security: 

Admins can leverage application management tools like Microsoft Intune to simplify app deployment and updates. The MSIX packaging format ensures Teams is protected by Windows security features, and you have the latest app version with security updates and bug fixes. The preview of the new Teams app is currently available to Business, Enterprise, and Non-Profit users on Windows. Microsoft is working on extending the preview of the new Teams to a broader set of customers, including Education, Government Clouds, and platforms such as Mac, VDI, and Web later this year. 

Learn more about the New Teams Introducing the new Microsoft Teams, now in preview – Microsoft Community Hub and New Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Adoption . 

Help With Implementing Microsoft Teams:

If your business or nonprofit would like assistance with implementing or training on applications like Teams, SharePoint, Intune or cybersecurity. Reach out to our IT Support team today!

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