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Our team of experts create detailed and appropriate strategies as well as conduct a risk assessment so that your employees can being working as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.

Netlogic Computer Consulting also offers Virtual CIO and CTO services to ensure your IT infrastructure is affordable and future proof.

Business Continuity is the creation of processes, procedures and documentation in case you experience any disasters or IT threats. 

Disaster Recovery is the creation of processes, procedures and documentation in case of a breach or action that could result in the loss of data.

Yes! Time is of the essence! Our expert IT security professionals will work with you and your internal IT department to remediate threats and secure your environment.

Yes! Action must be taken immediately. Our expert security and recovery team will work with you to recover data if possible and ensure your IT infrastructure is secured from future attacks.

Absolutely! We are happy to have a discovery call with you to identify IT Risks within your organization and how we can secure your environment.

Some compliance requires businesses and non-profits to have backups in place. Netlogic can work with you to customize how often and where to back up your files.

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Downtime and threats can bring your company to a halt

Reduce your IT Risk and ensure your company or non-profit is exceeds compliance requirements