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Need IT Support but don't have the budget to grow your team?

Netlogic Computer works hand in hand with internal IT teams to provide technical support, training, implementation and VCIO services with co-managed IT support.

Co-managed IT support is where a business or nonprofit outsources part of their IT needs to an external provider. Netlogic is uniquely positioned to plugin to your existing system to ensure a seamless transition.

We can fit into your existing team however you may need it. We can take daily service tickets, consult on technology projects, monitor and scan your firewalls, networks and servers as well as everything in between!

The great thing about co-managed IT is that you can pick and choose the services you need. Think a la carte. We will customize an agreement specifically for you and your organization’s needs.

Companies and non-profits of all sizes can take advantage of a co-managed agreement. Whether you have a 1 member IT department or 100 we can still assist.

The good news is you can pick and choose how much or how little IT support you need. You can also receive our full 24/7 IT support and consulting services for one-time IT projects as well.

IT can be complicated and costly. Hiring full time staff to meet your compliance, cyber security, networking, backup and infrastructure needs can quickly add up. Outsourcing this IT staff to a company like Netlogic can certainly save you money in these cases.

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Grow your IT Support Team without breaking your budget with our co-managed IT support

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you take your IT to the next level.