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Confused on how to become a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

There is a simple secret to understanding Solutions Partner Designations.

How will you figure out how to get the benefits?

  1. Read the documentation and search for answers?
  2. Ask an external expert?
  3. Refuse to become a Solutions Partner?

Don’t sit back while other Managed Service Providers take all of the benefits from you. It’s time to become the expert. 

We are sending a free guide on the Solutions Partner Designations. 

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Why you need to understand these Designations...

Previously you were Action Pack, Silver, or Gold Partner with Microsoft, but they got rid of your ability to renew.

The reason was to create “Microsoft Solutions Partner” which is going to save you money.

But first, you need to become a partner…

So how will you do it?

The guide will help you first pick a designation, or a path of competencies for Solutions Partner. These competencies are also known as requirements and if you don’t meet them, Microsoft won’t even let you purchase Solutions Partner. Use this guide to understand how you only need 70 / 100 points in the competencies.

Submit the form above to receive your guide in order to become Microsoft Solutions Partner faster than the competetion.