1 Clear-Cut Guide on How to Build a SharePoint Site The Right Way

Starting off

When you first choose how to build a SharePoint site, define a use case for it so that it functions the best it can. This simple guide will walk you through each of the 5 major questions you have to ask yourself (or your clients) before building in SharePoint Online. Many people find this out the hard way so we wrote this guide to alleviate your stress of trial and error! Learn to add colors and customization to begin designing like a certified expert all with this simple guide on How to build a SharePoint site. 

TIP💡: Decide if this site needs to be external facing or internal facing

Choose a site

Define a use case

Who we work with on this SharePoint site will determine whether to build a Team Site or a Communication Site. A Team Site can connect to a Microsoft 365 group which enables use of Microsoft Teams for chat and collaboration, whereas a communication site is more for news and central resources. 

If a site will need external sharing, it is easier to go with a Team Site so you can include all offers of Microsoft 365 to the external or guest user(s) you intend to work with. This site will also allow you to separate key items like access to folders and files, audience targeting of resources and more. 

Intranet or Extranet jpg

Choose a style

Style is everything to a company’s branding. The theme of a SharePoint site can be edited at any time so don’t worry if you modify this in the future. By using the settings cog we can opt to change the look and feel to add a different color to the header or entire site page. 

Normally a company will choose its color scheme based on the branding they use, but you are never limited to what color you choose on SharePoint. Use any color scheme you deem fit for the site and its intended use! 

Change the Look jpg

What is a section?

A section is the main component of the body in a SharePoint site. Without them you will have no tools or visuals. Start by selecting the “+” icon in the far-left gray section of the SharePoint site. This will prompt you to choose 1 of 6 options for Sections. Inside of a section is where we add key pieces to our navigation and body of the site. 

Section breakdown jpg

What is a column?

With a section created you have also laid out what are called “Columns.” These were decided by the style of section you chose in the last paragraph. With these columns you can add webparts for useful links and tools. Hover at the top of a column to find the “+” icon that allows you to build webparts into the page. 

Webparts and you

Now to the most important piece, the webparts! These are the functioning pieces that make a SharePoint site come alive for a company to use with all of the benefits. As long as you are signed into Microsoft Edge, any web links you add though “Quick Links” will have Single-sign on ability. Some Microsoft tools and 3rd party tools are included as options for you to embed into your site. 

Add a webpart jpg

Customize your site

Contact Netlogic for Help

You have learned the basics of SharePoint Online but there is still much more to do. You can customize your page with all the latest information you just learned so that the company has a home page for an intranet or an extranet for your clients to come to. The next guide will explain how to manage a document library with permissions.  


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