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What’s Coming to Microsoft Teams in 2023? New Features To Look Forward To

What’s Coming to Microsoft Teams in 2023? New Features to Look Forward to

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that is constantly evolving. This year, Microsoft is rolling out some great new features that will make Teams even more powerful and user-friendly. Here’s a look at some of the new features coming to Microsoft Teams in 2023:

The ability to adjust brightness and add a soft focus to your camera view

This option is available now on most instances of Teams and can be found under the settings gear within your Teams meeting window.

Automatic view adjustments for large-volume video calls

Ever had trouble seeing all of your meeting participants and attendees on one screen? That will no longer be a problem! With the ongoing roll-out of automatic view adjustments, Teams users can expect to see this feature becoming available to them throughout January. If you are an Insider, you may even see this feature toward the end of December.

Excel Live allows up to 25 users to collaborate on Excel in a live presentation format

Excel live will allow 25+ users to collaborate, edit and formulate excel tables live during a presentation. If you have ever been in a meeting with PowerPoint controls being presented live in Teams, you get the picture. Users will have the opportunity to move through the excel documents without disrupting other participants as well as lock the table view so that participants may all move together in tandem throughout the working process.

The new webinar wizard simplifies the registration process and makes it easy to add speakers and hosts

If you have ever hosted or set up a webinar through Teams, then you know previously the scheduling page was separate from creating the registration page and even listing and inviting guest speakers and co-organizers. With the new updates, all of these settings will be configurable from one Teams window.

The ability to co-author and co-organize webinars

We are especially excited about this one! Previously, setting up presenters was the only additional control that could be delegated beyond the event coordinator. This allowed presenters to share their screens and monitor chats, Q&A and mute participants. Now with co-authoring and co-organizing, the additional presenters can be delegated the same responsibilities as the original other and organizer. This can alleviate a lot of stress during a live presentation and allow for an additional organizer to manage things like breakout rooms.

Games in Teams for icebreakers and team building

Who doesn’t love a good icebreaker? Coming in 2023 Teams meeting participants will have the ability to play games when waiting for a meeting to begin, in between sessions as well as during live events.

Expanded reactions

Gone are the days of limited reactions: happy, sad, thumbs up, angry and question mark. With expanded reactions, the modern emoji keyboard we all know and love using while texting is now available to Teams users. The ability to hide reactions and monitor use will of course be available within the Teams admin center.

The new Files app makes it easy to find and share files stored in Teams

These are just some of the new features coming to Microsoft Teams in 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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