Microsoft 365 Business Premium Updates

Here at Netlogic Computer Consulting, we recommend the Microsoft 365 Business Premium (BP) license for small and medium-sized business. The license is a wonderful deal as you get so many features including: email, SharePoint file storage, OneDrive, Teams, Security and Compliance as well as Intune device management.

To make the license even more appealing, Microsoft has updated storage limits in Exchange Online for users with BP.

You now get:

  • Base email storage is still 50 GB
  • Archive inbox size has been moved to 100 GB
  • BP is now eligible for auto expanding email archive up to 1.5 TB
  • BP can now use litigation hold which was previously exclusive to Microsoft 365 E3 and above

Official Microsoft documentation can be found here.

These new Exchange Online storage limits should make it easier than ever to upgrade from Office 365 E3 licenses without fear of not being able to handle all your employee\’s emails. Feel free to reach out if our team can help you optimize your Microsoft 365 licensing and get the most bang for your buck within the Microsoft ecosystem!

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