Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Implementation

Microsoft Teams is a wonderful tool to increase productivity and collaboration. We look at it as the \”One App to Rule Them All\” as it brings together many different apps within the Microsoft 365 world. It brings in the chatting and virtual meetings of Skype, file storage of SharePoint, project management of Planner, and the search functionalities of Outlook all wrapped up into a single application.

Having Teams may seem daunting when first looking at it but for this reason you need a trusted team to help with planning, implementation, optimization, and training. This is where Microsoft experts like the Netlogic Team can assist.

Overall, here are some of our best practices and concepts to think about when implementing Teams:

  • Ensure all company devices have the latest version of Microsoft Teams installed
  • Download the Teams mobile app with close feature parity to the desktop application
  • Replace internal communications via emails with Teams Chats and Channel conversations
  • Use Teams Chats for one-off communication and channel conversations for the \”meatier\” conversations
  • Create an All-Company Landing Team to encourage communication across departments
  •  Build your Teams based off of SharePoint sites where cloud files are located
  • Train users on tips/tricks/best practices using a Teams virtual meeting
  • Track usage of Teams organization wide to ensure adoption

Teams is a wonderful tool included in your Microsoft 365 subscription. Not only can it increase collaboration within your organization, but it can also increase employee productivity. Time to drop Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet in favor of the modern business tool Teams.

Netlogic Computer is your trusted Microsoft 365 partner in New England. Reach out today if we can assist!

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