File Migration Tool is being rolled into SharePoint

Netlogic Computer Consulting has helped many small and medium businesses with moving files from Google, DropBox, Box, and file servers to SharePoint and OneDrive.

Our favorite tool for migrating files was always which was a SaaS tool purchased by Microsoft in 2019. Mover was wonderful when copying files from a cloud location to Microsoft 365 and I will personally miss it dearly. You connect your source files to the SharePoint or OneDrive of your choice and let it run. It also helped that the tool was set up for single sign in with your Microsoft 365 account.

Recently Microsoft has announced that will be depreciated as a standalone app and rolled into the SharePoint Admin Migration Manager. This means that the normal source connections you had available within in the past are now slowly disappearing. After getting over the initial shock of losing the tool, I have had the ability to use the new tools built into the migration center. Providing my thoughts below:

  1. Glad to see the tool is still free. This is great for small and medium businesses as well as MSPs on a budget that need to move files
  2. You still login with your Microsoft 365 account so your progress is saved and you can always come back to run a delta migration
  3. Connecting 3rd party storage systems is the same. While companies like Google have made it more difficult to connect to the files the same process applies
  4. I find scanning files within the tool to work well although you will most likely see quite a few files with \”scanning errors\”. This doesn\’t mean the files are bad most likely they are currently linked and shared with other users in the organization
  5. The migration speed seems to be a little faster than which I was pleasantly surprised to see


All in all I will miss but for the most part it is still intact within the SharePoint Migration Center. Feel free to reach out to us for your next file migration process and we would be happy to assist!


The Netlogic Computer Team!





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