How to leverage Windows 365 for MSPs


Windows 365 is a new way to offer fully managed Windows devices by streaming to any device they already have. This is accomplished with either a Chromium based browser like Edge or Chrome, or the Remote Desktop app on the device. Once a user is licensed for Windows 365 Enterprise they will have a fully provisioned static Azure AD joined PC managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager and monitored via Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for MSPs.

*A Delegated Access Permission Reseller Relationship is required for Lighthouse monitoring. See requirements for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

Two ways to offer Windows:

Endpoint TypeUse CasePricingExpected Shelf Life
Windows Physical DeviceDesktop/Laptop/TabletDepends on hardware needs2-3 Years (maybe 5 if you’re lucky)
Windows 365 Cloud PCWeb Browser/Remote DesktopMonthly by required specsUnlimited & upgradable


When to offer Physical Windows Device vs Windows 365 Cloud PC:

Physical devices are traditional laptop, desktop, and tablets like Surface Pro. These devices have been available since the introduction of personal computers and serve many use cases. Today, with the introduction of Cloud PCs we do not have to burden our customers with pricey hardware replacements that are often tied to ordering and maintaining physical devices. Instead, physical devices should be offered to customers with specific use cases.

đź’ˇExample: 3D CAD Designers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Gamers & Game Developers. We recommend a physical device with premium specs to these types of users because (currently) Cloud PCs do not offer dedicated graphics processors.

Windows 365 Cloud PCs are great for your everyday user that has at least a 12mbps broadband connection. Users can expect speeds of 500mbps-1gbps download/upload speeds regardless of their home or office connection. Windows 365 Cloud PCs are static Windows Machines that are always on and available 24/7. These PCs are hosted in a Microsoft Data Center and streamed to any device via remote desktop. Cloud PCs can also take full advantage of physical hardware on the endpoint your customer is using to connect.

đź’ˇExample: When you open your Cloud PC via the Web browser OR Remote Desktop app on your Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows Device it will have access to your Camera, Microphone and USB ports just as if it was your physical PC. A key benefit for Cloud PC users is the high-speed internet provided by Microsoft.

Key Windows 365 Benefits for MSPs

  1. Cloud PC is always on and up to date via Windows Update for Business (#WUfB)
  2. Direct connection to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (#Intune)
  3. Simplified User-based Autopilot deployment
  4. Ready in under 20 mins once license is assigned to user
  5. No dependency on local network speeds
  6. Proactive & compliant physical security within Microsoft Data Center
  7. Predictable flat license cost per user
  8. Easy to upgrade specs by upgrading user license

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