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Netlogic Computer Consulting works with many small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well as non-profits across the United States. Some of these clients already have an MSP (Managed Service Provider) while others have their own internal IT team which enables us to create a co-managed IT relationship. Regardless of what type of industry or vertical you work in or how many people you have, there are many questions that we ask to make sure we are scaling Microsoft 365 products to suit your needs.

Here are some of the main questions we may ask and helpful hints to make sure you are leveraging Microsoft 365 to its fullest extent and setting up your tenant properly.


Question 1: What type of Microsoft 365 licensing do you currently have?

Microsoft is known for changing licensing name terminology as well as adding in new features to licenses that you may not be aware of. If you are an SMB, we recommend using Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses. If you do not know what license you are using or what features that may be included with your package, it is time to ask questions to ensure you are getting the most value and ensure you have the right tools to get your job done.

đź’ˇTIP: Doing a monthly licensing audit is important to assure you are not paying for more licenses than you need. Do not forget that you can also mix and match Microsoft 365 licensing to get the features you need without overpaying.

Question 2: Where are your emails located?

Are you using Microsoft 365 tools such as SharePoint and Teams but keeping your emails on an on-prem server or in Google? Microsoft Exchange Online is key for using tools like Microsoft Teams, Bookings, and Planner. It also provides a secure place for you to store your email while logging in with a single account. Moving your emails to Exchange Online helps unlock the full features of Microsoft.

Benefits for migrating to Exchange online included:

  • Auto Archiving
  • Content search in Microsoft 365 portals
  • Retention labels
  • Email encryption

Question 3: Where are your files?

If you are paying for third party file storage migrating your files to Microsoft can save you time and money. Moving files to SharePoint allows you to access these files without VPNs (Virtual private network), on any device securely as it is based off your Microsoft 365 account logins. You also get features like version history, local device syncing, built in recycle bins, and so much more!

đź’ˇTIP: Microsoft 365 gives you free and included file storage in OneDrive and SharePoint!

Question 4: What type of security tools are in your technology Stack?

Stop paying for expensive third-party security features and utilize the tools built into your Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses. Included features:

  • Multifactor authentication using conditional access
  • Endpoint security using Microsoft Defender
  • Geo-location login rules
  • Endpoint management using Intune
  • Email encryption with sensitivity labels
  • File retention label
  • Secure score with helpful improvement action
  • Audit and search logs

Question 5: Are you modern workplace enabled?

The ever-changing needs that SMBs and non-profits have can be difficult to manage. Think about remote workers, room for growth, and additional collaboration tools. Modern IT support needs to know about best practices in SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Endpoint management. Your technology and tools should increase productivity and efficiency, not give you a headache. Microsoft bundles their features to allow for seamless access while still securing your environment. If you are not using these modern workplace tools, let us explore them and see how we can implement these changes for growth.

Question 6: Have you and your staff received training?

Training is a critical component to fully utilizing your Microsoft 365 suite. If you have these tools at your disposal but are unsure how to use them, you need a team of trainers that know these tools inside and out.

âť“Questions you may find yourself asking: Do I create a chat, Teams channel conversation, OneNote Notebook, Whiteboard, or Planner?

We will work with you to determine and implement the use of the best Microsoft products to fit your organizational needs. The goal is to create guidelines and rules of engagement within your organization to standardize usage while still giving freedom to improve current processes.


If you find yourself asking these questions, reach out to Netlogic today! We would be happy to speak with you and your current IT support provider to ensure your organization in on track to take advantage of the Modern Workplace Solutions in Microsoft 365!

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