Migrating to Microsoft 365? Here are the tools to use!

Migrating files to the cloud takes expertise, a lot of patience, and proper planning. After completing many migrations for a variety of small and medium businesses we have found the best tools for migrating files to Microsoft 365 including SharePoint and OneDrive. The good news is all the tools we are highlighting in this article are free if you have a licensed Microsoft account.

Here are the tools you should be looking at:

SharePoint Migration Tool (Great for on-premises or files saved on a physical server)

Mover.io (Great for when your files are saved in a cloud location like Dropbox or Google Drive)

Microsoft Files shares tool (great when the first two don\’t work)

While these tools make it much easier to migrate files to the cloud it is important to remember that migrating files is a lot like painting. What we mean by that is most of the work is in the preparation before clicking the migrate button. You want to make sure you destination SharePoint sites are already built with permissions as well as making sure that you don\’t migrate more than 250 GB of data per site. While you can certainly add more searching and indexing will take a big hit.

If you are interested in migrating files to the cloud and want an experienced partner to make sure everything goes well, feel free to reach out to us here at Netlogic. We have completed hundreds of migrations and are a trusted Microsoft partner for all your IT support needs.

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