Why \”Good\” IT Support Doesn\’t Meet SMB Needs Anymore

The world of IT is constantly evolving and changing. Never has this been truer than with the current trend with working from home. IT support in the past meant calling up an MSP and having them drive to your office, fix a problem and then leaving you with a bill until the next problem arose. This is not proactive and does not prepare you and your organization to be a step ahead of competitors and ready for challenges that may come down the road. This is why just \”good\” IT support can only get you so far. You need a technology provider that is current with the newest technology, can proactively recommend the best tools for your company\’s workflow and can train you and your staff to reduce issues that may arise.

That\’s where Netlogic Computer Consulting can help. Our Microsoft 365 team are experts in the entire Office Suite and ready to help with everything from Planning, Implementation, Migrations, Trainings and Consulting.

There are dozens of Microsoft 365 apps that can help you to optimize workflow and reduce bottlenecks. Think about all the repeated manual process you and your team are faced with every day. Data entry, paper forms, and not having central communication platform can steal productivity from your staff driving up costs and reducing output. If you are currently using Microsoft 365 you probably already have the tools at your fingertips and don\’t even know it.

If you are also paying for third-party apps for cloud document storage, email security, security and compliance, or communication like Slack you are using your resources for software that you don\’t need if you have a Microsoft license.

Embracing the modern workplace solutions of Microsoft 365 requires a team that can devote time and effort to understand your company and help you utilize the cloud to its fullest potential.

Our strengths include:

SharePoint for cloud document storage, retention, and versioning

OneDrive for file backup and personal work storage

Intranet Landing Site to aid with access

Security and Compliance for emails, documents, MFA

Device Management using Intune

Power Apps and Automate to move away from your legacy applications

Call us today for a complementary assessment to see how Microsoft 365 and Netlogic Computer can transform your \”good\” IT Support into something exceptional! While our headquarters is in Nashua, New Hampshire, we have offices across the northeast in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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